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Is it time to replace your old paging system?

Is your old Comlite, Theta, Porter, or other dental paging system giving you trouble? If so, you are well-acquainted with the benefits of paging, and recognize that messages must get delivered when they are sent, or you are uncertain if you have been heard.
VisiCom is the solution.

VIsiCom 4000 is the defacto standard in dental paging. In fact, we believe you will agree with thousands of dental practices currently using VisiCom, that replacing your old system is the best move you could make to improve your practice. VisiCom surpasses other products in three ways:

It's wireless...

We're proud to say, "We've conquered the wireless challenge". Systems work without room-to-room wiring regardless of the age or physical characteristics of the facility, guaranteed!

Digital display...

VisiCom's large digital display of messages can be read from across the room and messages are instantly understood. This message "G-1" means Dr. George is needed in room one. What could be simpler? The greatest advantage, however, is its ability to convey multiple messages. First, one message shows for a moment, than another, and so on, until all messages have been displayed, then VisiCom inserts a symbol, two asterisks, and the list of messages is repeated. Providers are always in the loop aware not only how many patients are waiting, they're also aware of the sequence of those messages. Who called first, second, and so on. Messages can even be reprioritized and moved to the top of the list just by pressing the call button a second time.

Programmable chime tones...

Chime privacy lets you program, room-by-room, whose messages chime and whose are silent. A significant advance compared to light systems that require everyone to look every time there's a message, often times resulting in excessive chiming, ignored, or missed messages. You can also assign one of seven different distinctive tones to each individual and know when you've been paged without even looking at the display.

Try VisiCom risk-free in your practice for 30-days...

You must agree with our slogan "there's no better way to run your practice", or you can return the system for a full system refund with no hassles. 

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