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Optometry Paging System

The VisiCom wireless paging system is the #1 Optometry Paging System with hundreds of practices all across the country that rave about the practicality of the system for use in Optometry.



Whether there's one or two Optometrists in the practice, or it's a large practice with several Optometrists and Ophthalmologists, such as Kevin Reeder's practice, Carmel Mountain Vision Center in California, you'll find VisiCom fit your needs..."We have four doctors and we know exactly who needs to be where".


From the moment the patient enters the practice until they're discharged, VisiCom manages every aspect of staff notifications. First, a technician is notified a patient has arrived and someone needs to come to the reception area. The tech pages the nurse. If dilation is needed, there's a built-in dilation timer. Next, the physician is paged, then whoever else needs to see the patient, contact lens, fittings, or the financial consultant, and all with the touch of just one button.



VisiCom's programmable chime tones are among its principal advantages. Unlike light systems which often make everyone look to see who the message is for whenever there's a message, VisiCom allows you to control, on a room-by-room basis, whose messages chime, and whose are silent, and which of its seven tones accompany each individual's messages.



Because VisiCom requires no room-to-room wiring, and no setup, you can evaluate its ability to meet the communication needs of your practice risk-free in your practice for thirty days. If you're not more productive and less stressed than ever before, just call us for a return authorization and a full system price refund. You must agree, there's no better way to run your practice, or your money back, guaranteed. But. trust us, you won't be likely to return because, like many of our devoted Optometrists, you won't want work without it every single day.



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