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VisiCom Wireless Paging Systems

In 2009, VisiCom conquered the wireless challenge by converting their wireless paging systems from Powerline Carrier (PLC) to Radio Frequency (RF) technology. Regardless of the age, power configuration or other physical characteristics of the facility, VisiCom wireless paging systems work without room-to-room wiring. Simply plug units into ordinary electrical outlets, guaranteed.



Gone are the days of configuring units individually, setting up a Wi-Fi network and associating each individual RF device with an IP address. Within minutes of plugging units into ordinary electrical outlets, the VisiCom COORDINATOR unit automatically finds all the units in your practice and creates the network with no user participation whatsoever.



Pre-configured VisiCom units are pre-programmed and ready to use right out of the box. Plug one unit in for each operatory, one at the front desk, choose a room number for each room and let the paging begin.



Units can be used as they are configured at the factory, or they can be customized. The top row buttons, which are programmed for the letters A to H, can be set to any desired letter, X for X-Ray, for example, or Dr. Xavier. Units also feature personalized tones so you can recognize when a message is for you without even looking at the unit's large, easy-to-read display. And, if you choose to personalize any settings, you won't need to go from room-to-room to replicate the propagation lets you copy the program settings to all units throughout the practice.

"Wireless That

   Really Works!"

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