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Comparison to Alternative Methods

Have you tried a software product and found it inadequate? Have you tried radio headsets and found them unsatisfactory?
Light signals not giving you enough information? Tired of yelling down the halls?

VisiCom is the solution.

Over the past fifty years or so, many methods of communicating have been used to manage patient flow. Some practices communicate using PC software, for example. There are more than a dozen methods which practices have tried, flags, doorbells, and so on.....and they all work. But, some work better than others. Many dentists and physicians have told us they think VisiCom is the best way to manage a practice. And many of them switched to VisiCom when their communication objectives were not met using computer software or some other approach.


Many physicians have shared their experiences using these alternate approaches with me. Dr. Frank R. Danna, D.D.S., of Castroville, Texas, told me “I’ve got a drawer full of headphones, and you can have them, some of my girls actually refused to wear them.” He went on to say “and we’ve tried two or three software products, you can have them too, I can’t take my gloves off whenever I need to respond to a message”.


Dr. Danna and his staff are delighted with VisiCom and are now counted among the thousands of satisfied practices from coast-to-coast who rely on VisiCom every day.


But, by comparison to VisiCom, the biggest PC drawback is the thought required  to send and receive messages. Paging needs to be a “no brainer” because your thoughts need to remain focused on patient care. Only a dedicated system with the utter simplicity of VisiCom can offer instant message origination, where you can page someone just by pressing one button. VisiCom coded messages give you the ability to comprehend messages instantly, even from across the room. As fast as your eye can scan “3C”, you’ll comprehend person 3 is needed in room C. 


The biggest drawback of headsets is the single convsersation which everyone can hear. Paging needs to be a “no brainer” because your thoughts need to remain focused on patient care. You can assign yourself a unique VisiCom tone, so you’ll know someone’s paging you without even looking…taking not one second away from time you have to spend with your patients.


VisiCom wireless paging systems surpass light signaling office communications equipment in several ways. 


WIRELESS Communication. VisiCom paging system require no room-to-room wiring regardless of the age or other physical characteristics of the facility. Besides the obvious cost savings and advantages of immediate use, this also provides the means to evaluate its ability to meet the communication needs and its convenience before committing to the final purchase.

An enviable convenience when compared to expensive fully-wired and built-in systems.


CHIME PRIVACY. VisiCom's programmable chime tones are among its principal advantages. Unlike light systems which often make everyone look to see who the message is for whenever there's a message, VisiCom allows you to control, on a room-by-room basis, whose messages chime, and whose are silent, and which of its seven tones accompany each individual's messages.


MESSAGE SEQUENCE. Most light systems convey just one or two messages at-a-time, requiring users to clear one message before the next message can be entered. VisiCom's easy-to-read digital display shows messages sequentially, as many as needed, indicating not only how many patients are waiting to be seen by each provider but in what sequence the calls occured.


Comments from practices using PC software
  1. I can’t remove my glove every time to respond to a way.

  2. The static electricity (from the monitor) zapped holes in my gloves.

  3. There’s no good way to sterilize most keyboards.

  4. Some of our PCs don’t have sound cards so there’s no sound to alert you to a message.

  5. We upgraded all our PCs so they had the same version of Windows, but we   still have occasional network snafus.

  6. We use a screen saver to protect patient’s privacy for HIPAA, so the screen is blank, and messages often go unobserved.

  7. The screen doesn’t popup through this program or that program.

  8. There’s always a PC that’s offline, being repaired, or I never know for sure if my message was received. 

  9. We don’t have a PC at every location.

  10. It’s not as simple, or as fast, as pressing one button.

Comments from practices using headsets
  1. Everyone hears everything everyone says, it’s annoying, and you’re afraid to talk.

  2. The battery pack kept pulling down my pants.

  3. Too much static and CB chatter.

  4. Some of my girls actually refused to wear them.

  5.  It kept falling off.

  6. They’re OK when they’re new, but after awhile they get all grungy and have hair that sticks to them, yuck.

  7. A constant battle to keep them working and keep them charged up.

  8. No kidding, mine kept falling in the toilet. 

  9. They’re uncomfortable!

  10. They’re not as simple, or as fast, as pressing one button.

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