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Dermatology Paging System

Dermatologist love VisiCom! The VisiCom Wireless Paging System is well-suited to the needs of the busy dermatologist, and it surpasses light signaling office communications equipment in several ways.



All aspects of patient movement are streamlined and managed with simplicity with a nonverbal VisiCom Wireless Dematology Paging System from the time the patient arrives until they are dismissed. First, the receptionist pages for someone to show the patient to the exam room, then the nurse is paged to the exam room for the intake, then the dermatologist, possibly a biopsy is required. One button assigned to the biopsy tech is all that's needed. And, so on until the exam is completed. Each button represents either a provider or a procedure and when the button is pressed, the nonverbal code indicates the button that was pressed and in which room the provider or procedure is needed. A VisiCom Dermatology Paging System is the height of simplicity.



Added color LEDs indicate in single row of LEDs where each provider is needed next with a blinking LED in their color, and in which room they are presently located with a solid LED in their color.



Nothing is more useful in a busy dermatology practice than everyone knowing where they should be at all times without having to be told. Your staff will be able to make better use of their time, they will feel less stressed and more productive and ultimately see more patients in a day. The practice maintans a steady work flow and shorter patient wait times when VisiCom nonverbal messages are in use.




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