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VisiCom 3000 Standard Transceivers


VisiCom 3000 is the only paging system of its kind employing true radio frequency (RF) communication. Numerous customers using earlier VisiCom models, who previously experienced communications difficulty, have upgraded to the new units and have been completely please with the enhanced features and faultless performance.


And now, VisiCom 4000 incorporates all the VisiCom 3000 advances, but offers added features in a modified user interface product. If you are long accustomed to using VisiCom, the 3000 model offers a seamless upgrade to new features and fully reliable performance. If you’re interested in a VisiCom-similar product that will entail adapting to a new operating mode, but provide yet additional features with the same VisiCom simplicity you have know for years, the 4000 model is for you.


"Wireless That

   Really Works!"

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